TBM Oil pressure warning and engine cut out

Had exactly the same issue. Solution was to create a new profile with mixture not mapped to any axis.


I do the same. I find that when you have it mapped and flying a plane that doesn’t use mixture (TBM or jets), if you so much as nudge the mixture control accidentally, it will shut down the engine. It’s just easier to create a separate profile for my throttle that doesn’t include mixture and RPM when flying planes that don’t need it. It takes only a few seconds to hop into controller configuration and switch it and avoids accidental shutdowns.

It would be nice if we could permanently attach controller configs to specific planes though.

There is a wishlist for that:

I also a wishlist for the control mappings screen to only show controls relevant to the selected plane - so that it wouldn’t allow you to map things not in use.

Thanks for pointing those out. Voted on both.

Cheers mate!

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This just happened to me over the Gulf of Mexico and gave me a heart attack. Thanks for a quick answer to how to correct it!

Thanks, this solved my issue, I had second from left on mu-y honeycomb Bravo mapped to mixture. Unmapped it and all good.

This happens to me with various planes like King air or Bonanza. After I hit ctrl+e again in the mid-air, the problem goes away.

Yes, that will restart the engine, but didn’t fix the root cause. Also only works if you are there at the time - and haven’t left the AP in charge whilst having dinner :grinning:

In the TBM, make sure you do not have anything mapped for mixture (It’s a jet engine, ain’t no mixture). after clearing that mapping it doesn’t happen anymore…l

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