TBM Take-off ITT warning

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Using the TBM in Update Normal take off in 7c and using normal takeoff power (100%) with INERT SEP on, I’m getting red CAS warning for ITT. Power has to be reduced to approx 90% to bring ITT’s back within limits which seems unrealistic.

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It does respect the engine limits.

This ITT bug has been around for a long time. It’s a bug. Introduced way back when like update 4 or something.

Otherwise, this would be the real life conversation…

TBM Salesman: Yep, the Aston Martin of the skies. $4.5 million of power and acceleration! However, it can’t handle 100% engine speed on take off, gets over heated, so best to back it down a bit when climbing.

That doesn’t seem too realistic.

This is how turbo props behave. You can’t simply firewall the power lever on every take-off like you tend to do with a Piston engined aircraft. All limits need to be maintained. The ones to watch for especially are ITT, TRQ and Ng.


Yet, it is.

I recommend watching some steveo1kinevo vids on YouTube. He does an excellent job of explaining everything he’s doing which should help you.

With the internal separator activated, that seems about right.

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I think you need to read up about turboprops a bit…


Pay specific attention to the TRQ- vs ITT-based management.

So you’re saying I can just put the pedal to the metal on an Aston Martin without consequences? Or do I need to take some limits into account as well?

Their own checklist says 100% on takeoff, 100% after takeoff. My point is that by following their own checklist, the ITT overheats before you’re even 1000 ft off the ground. It’s a bug that they’ve tried to deal with several times in the past.

If I own a TBM and by following the checklist, it results in a premature ITT overheating not even a minute after takeoff and not even 1000 feet off the ground, I’ll ask TBM to fix that.

It’s THEIR checklist they’re giving us.

To the point, not that it overheats at some point, but that it overheats when following the checklist in less than a minute

Yes. On TRQ. Not on THR. There is a difference.
If you firewall the throttle, it goes over 100% TRQ

Having said that, I do understand your point. Also with keeping TRQ around 99% you get a ITT overheat pretty soon. Around 96% it seems to keep it in the green.

However, during climb, the checklist says:

So I’m still not sure it’s unrealistic. Most turboprops are way overpowered on ground level.

Well the checklist knows the difference. That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along. By following the checklist, not manually, but letting the checklist do it, ITT overheats in less than a minute and hardly 1000 ft off the ground. That’s the bug. Not that it’ll overheat after 3 hours of firewalling the throttle. The checklist will also throw the engine up to 109% in less than a second when doing the after takeoff checklist. Another bug.

On what? N1? TRQ?