TBM Zoom and Moving Map

Not sure what’s happening but I can no longer use the zoom or scroll on the TBM for the map. I’m using Working Title 3000 and TBM improvement mod. Would anyone have any idea why this is happening. Thanks

Figured it out!

I enjoyed this thread. Nice chat.

I’m using WT 3000 V0.7.4a but no TBM improvement and …All is OK.
I’had some Navmap freeze flying with add on TBM liveries but since I fly only MSFS standard TBM there is no more freeze

I still get freezes. I think it is primarily after I open the VFR map from the drop down menu. I would like to do more testing to verify this, but just got a new puppy and can’t take my eyes off of him long. :slight_smile:

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