Tbm930 g3000

I feel like the TBM all in all is a solid aircraft in the sim for Xbox. Many things seem to be modeled especially when compared to the a320. I know that the G1000NXi is available in the Marketplace for Xbox, is there plans for the G3000 mod to be released to Xbox?

no yet. I asked the same question a few day ago and the answer was: They have plans to do it after G1000 is completed.

And on the same topic, after last update on XBOX, G3000 GPS become unusable for me. As soon as you set the autopilot to NAV, the airplane (TBM930 and Cessna Citation) star spinning in circles.

You might want to check out this thread, especially from item 10 to the end. This seems to address the issue in some situations.

Try uninstalling the NXi.

Working Title have a G3000 mod available for PC atm. If you think the stock is “good”, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s absolute trash compared to the properly done G3000.

At some point, the plan is indeed to port it over to the new system WT are putting in the place for the NXi, and it will replace the base G3000. That likely won’t be happening for quite some time, as WT are working on the NXi and will be for at least the next couple of months.


The Working Title G3000 mod is great.

As an aside, the WT G3000 seemed to fix the bug regarding alarm bell not being able to be turned off but now that issue is back for me for some reason.

If you mean the one related to the parking brake that is a known SU6 bug.

I had WT G3000 0.76a which fixed the warning chime bug but then for some reason, I installed v0.76 which is a version that hadn’t fixed the alarm bell bug. Once I realized what was what, I used v0.76a and all back to normal :+1:

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