TBM930 ILS approach - Sudden Pitch Up After Disconnecting AP

Hi All,

I’m having an issue when I’m in AP and on an ILS approach in the TBM 930 and everything is locked on and I’m coming down on the GS but when I take AP off around 500 AGL the nose suddenly lifts up and it’s hard to descend and the plane kind of floats. Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong please?

Thats why the trim is not set properly. I experienced, that with each on/off of the AP the trim jumps to somewhat and must immediately corrected.

Thanks for your reply. Yes that makes sense however I’ve not had this on other smaller planes and if you take off AP 500 AGL it does not give you much time to reconfigure everything. I’ll probably have to disable AP earlier and start learning to bring the plane down myself I guess.

Are you using a controller axis for elevator trim? That would explain it.

I find the trim returns to where it was prior to going on A/P…so if you were heavy on trim just before then that may cause some of your issue when coming off A/P.

I didn’t quite understand the question but I’m using an Xbox controller on pc

My trim was set too 1.0 on take off and shortly after take off go straight to AP so not very heavy

Okay, let me try to elaborate:

In the sim control settings there is both an axis function and to two non-axis up/down functions, much like there are both trim up/down buttons and a trim wheel in the C172 and many other planes.

I doubt that anything on an box controller can mimic an axis, though, so you can probably forget about it.

Just a few thoughts, and please correct me if I’m wrong. First off, how much game “assisted pilot” do you have tuned on? I noticed when I shut all that beginner stuff off, my flying experience became way more of what I wanted. Secondly, you can trim the plane while holding the right side above trigger button and moving the right thumb stick up or down to adjust trim as needed with an Xbox controller. Third of all, you never fly without using the auto pilot? That’s crazy! I always take off, fly and land it myself. Not that I’m bagging on you, I just think you are missing out on what the sim has to offer. Then again, that’s just an opinion. I should probably start to learn more about auto pilot, because I have hardly used it in 30 years of FS :joy:

And by the way, I love the TBM 930. I find it’s my go to on most occasions. Most of my hours are logged with that plane. :heart_eyes_cat:

Has anyone noticed with the recent TBM 930, I’m using the aircraft-tbm930-improvement 6.3.1 mod, there is a problem when the tool bar window or any of the tools border on the aircraft in any way. I noticed when trying to setup ILS landings or thottle control etc…it is erratic, doesn’t always occur. This could also affect your sudden pitch issue.

Title edited to reflect Topic Author is having Pitch Up AFTER disconnecting Autopilot.

Are you using the Mugz mod? If so make sure you’re running the latest version of it. SU7 broke a lot with the mod. I use an xbox controller with my PC too. Autopilot sets the trim and when I disengage it on final, the plane holds the same attitude so otherwise i’m not sure what could be causing your problem.

Well shamed to say can you believe it was a problem with my Xbox controller left stick )) Basically it’s started having free downward movement so it was pitching the plane up which I only noticed when AP was off!
In answer regarding do I not hand fly I have been learning IFR in the TBM to help me move to the A320. I take off and land by hand when on final but other than that have it on autopilot. I do fly other planes without the AP engaged so I’m not missing out :slight_smile:

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