TBM930 Landing Lights

There is a Bug on the landing lights ! Taxi is now landing and Landing is now Taxi light :wink:

Hope the can be fixed !

Thank you

best regards

Yes, I see this too. It looks wrong to me.

Light intensity was already wrong in the default TBM930. If this is a “fix” for the intensity issue, it’s not a success.

All community mods were removed to test in the latest release.

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Wow no update ? :sob:

No react to my tickets

since 5 Month :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The Landing Lights are so Bad :sleepy:

When i use (L) then works :see_no_evil: but Landing lights Switch are off :crazy_face:

I am getting those pools of lights even in daylight at the moment. Could do with masking it out during the day.


Hard to believe that they release news planes while the ones we’ve paid for sit untouched update after update.

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