TBM930: Please change map orientation to Aircraft Oriented

… and add brightness control for glass avionics. Too dim during daytime, too bright during nighttime.

One real TBM pilot mentions it’s always set to Aircraft Oriented for him in the real world and one can easily see why. The North Oriented map is just bizarre to transpose.

Until they get the chance to fix those issues, have a look at Clumsy’s latest video and he has the fixes installed via add-ons. There is a fix for the Flight Plan, page down bug that halts the sim too.

I think that in his previous TBM video he talks about the map issues too. Plus, landing lights and other goodies.

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G3000 Mod will resolve the Track Up request as well as other PFD / MFD improvements.

This two mods are absolutely awesome for the TMB930.


Only if it’s a selectable option. With experience, North Up is actually easier to relate to heading indicator or compass.


The north orientation is ideal for me, from this I can see the directions to be set if I need to heading.