TBM930 Still has Autopilot Issues? Really?

So here we are after the latest UPDATE. Take off in the TBM930 after creating a Direct GPS flight plan in the World Map. Switch on AP, switch on NAV. Does the aircraft follow the route? No. This is after Googling why I couldn’t autostart with Ctl E like I used to and after googling why the throttle was stuck on feather. (Apparently you have to hold BOTH mouse buttons to move it to taxi, etc… REALLY??
But are you kidding me? After this many updates and the Autopilot still does not follow simple commands?
I’m sorry but I am losing patience with this sim. This is inexcusable after a year of updates.

As of sim update 5, there seem to be some new “waypoints” in the G3000 flight plan after setting up a VFR GPS flight plan from the world map, and the magenta line now shows a curve to represent the turn after takeoff instead of being just a straight line from the departure airport. I think this issue with the autopilot is related to one or both of these new things. What I find is if I manually fly or fly with heading select until I’m a few miles from the airport, then switch the autopilot to nav, it works fine.

I’m not sure yet if this is a bug or a change to make it work more like the real one. Or kind of halfway in between (a change to make it work more like the real one, but it’s not complete yet, so it works strangely).

CTRL-E works if you move Manual Override lever to full, then use key sequence, aircraft will start.

You should be using Working Title G3000. WT was hired by Asobo to fix the Garmins. For now WT G3000 0.7.4a is miles ahead of stock Garmin in TBM and even features advisory VNAV. Download from Working Title website and install in Community folder.


Among other things, the WT G3000 doesn’t have the new TOC/TOD custom waypoints introduced by SU5 to stock NavUnits.

Performance Mod by independent developer MixMugz is awaiting SU5 changes. This is by far the best improvement of stock TBM operation and performance outside of the Garmin.

The throttle of my TBM930 don’t even move at all after SU 5 :thinking:

My throttle wouldn’t move either but, as I said, it was because it was stuck in Feather mode. I was lucky to find a post about holding both mouse buttons down while moving it over to normal throttle. How ASOBO got that screwed up, I don’t understand.
As far as WT Garmin3000. I will check it out. But it is really pathetic that AP issues at this point, or the NAV function not following the flight plan, even exists.
On my inflight map (still kind of a cartoon joke rather than a really usable map) the flight path (magenta line) now just suddenly breaks off and doesn’t even show the destination airport identification. The World Map now has detail if you scroll in far enough but the inflight map is still horrible. But wait! Why complain about all these things? What is important is that we now can fly on XBox!!! :rofl:

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Don’t laugh because I’m sure Xbox players will soon be the next victim. :crazy_face::clown_face:

i’m having the same problem. I have created flight plans both ‘in sim’ and using Little Navmap, and in some areas such as Japan, the sim wants to insert it’s own points and messes up the plan.

I have something different but perhaps related. Since after the SU5 and the two hot fixes, Autopilot works but when I switch it off as I am approaching to land, the FMS still shows it engaged - in the past it would turn red or yellow I think to tell you it’s off, now it goes off but the AP-YD sign stays green. Anybody had this ?

It’s been this way since day 1. If you get a red AP warning it’s an indication that you are using a modded version.

Below is the zendesk report I wrote many month ago:

Switching the AP OFF by clicking on the AP switch with the mouse, correctly disengages the AP.
The green AP ON message nevertheless stays on for 5sec.
After that, the message turns yellow and remains visible. No way to make it disappear.

IRL, the AP message should immediately turn yellow upon disengaging the AP.
Depending on the aircraft the yellow AP should either remain steady or flash on for 5sec,
or flash yellow for 5sec, then disappear.

Using the keyboard command and/or a joystick button the green AP ON message stays on forever, regardless if the AP is ON or OFF.

Thank you, I must confess I had not noticed before - maybe because at some point I stopped flying the TBM for some time.

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