TCA Airbus Capt Pack with TM Rudder pedals

Can I plug my TM rudder pedals into the TCA Airbus Capt Pack TFRP port? When I do I don’t see the rudder pedals in MSFS2020 so Don’t know what Axis would be used in the TCA Airbus Capt Pack to use the pedals for tiller use and left and right brake?

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yes you can, definitely works, the pedals don’t show up in the settings but are part of the TCA settings

I have my TM pedals plugged into the throttle quadrant via the TFRP port and it is seamlessly recognized. The throttle quadrant is connected to the PC via a dedicated USB 2.0 port. I also installed the Thrustmaster control panel and firmware update software to support this, and installed the latest firmware.

In the TM control panel, the left and right toe brake axis are RY and RX, and the rudder is slider 0.

In the sim, the left brake is Joystick L-Axis Z, and the right brake is Joystick R-Axis X

The rudder axis is Joystick Slider X

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Thanks, what are those settings in the TCA ?

If you have the TM Airbus joystick, you can also set the FBW A32NX to use a separate tiller using the FlyPad tablet settings and then use the twist grip to control the tiller and the pedals to control the rudder and much lesser degree the nose wheel.

Some reason cant find the TM control panel software @ And do I download both drivers for the TCA and the rudder pedals or just one?

Have a look at thrustmaster support for the TCA Officers pack

The drivers package includes the pedals, the quadrant, and the joystick

Sorry I guess I’m lost here, I have the drivers download and this. But its not showing the rudder pedals? Downloaded this driver also


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wouldn’t use the command centre, just download the drivers. in msfs controller settings you find the axis for the rudder under the tca settings. it doesn’t specify ‘rudder pedals’, just move the rudder and you see the axis moving. have to scroll down because tca has many axises

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