TCA Airbus Sidestick Joystick Axis Issue

Desktop Screenshot 2022.05.14 -
Hello, a few days ago I started with this error. The axes are a little more to the left but my sidestick is in the neutral position, does anyone know how to fix it?

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I am having problems with my throttle quadrant and sidestick just randomly disconnecting then reconnecting, any tips?

If you have them both plugged into an un-powered USB hub, along with other devices, then you might be exceeding the power available on the USB port. In that case, either unplug any devices that you don’t need or get a powered hub.

Also, perhaps try plugging the controllers into another USB port.

Oh and you might want to turn off power saving on those controllers, via device manager

I have turned off power saving, so I need to get a usb hub is what you are saying?

I was only guessing that you might have a fair few USB devices plugged into a single USB port on your PC, via an un-powered USB hub, and that this might cause erratic behaviour.

I had something similar happen to me when i forgot to plug my USB hub in and I just had a joystick, throttle and rudder pedals connected to the hub.

If you are using a hub, maybe try plugging one or more of them directly into your PC if you have any USB ports spare and see if that makes the issue go away

I dont have a usb hub, I can get one though.

If you have your controllers plugged directly into your PC, then it doesn’t look like you are exceeding any USB power limits, so only get a hub if you have another reason to do so.

For example, my main reason was because i have a foldable stand with all of my controllers mounted on and only wanted to have to plug in a single USB lead to my PC when I set it up for use.

Then why is this happening? I only have a headset, mouse, keyboard, throttle quadrant, and sidestick plugged in. Also can I plug a usb 2 into a usb 3 port?

Solved: USB device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in Windows 10 (

Maybe check this out or do a search for “USB devices keep disconnecting” in Google. Reinstalling the USB drivers appears to be one of the first things to try.

…and yes, a USB 2 device can be plugged into a USB 3 port and vice versa. Plugging a USB 3 device into a USB 2 port however, perhaps obviously, will operate but not at USB 3 speeds.

I dont know which one it is exactly

Another way might be that if your controllers came with driver software or a link to where you might download the latest drivers, then re-install that.

What are the devices in question by the way?

Does anyone know how to solve MY problem?

Do you have an X570/B550 chipset with a Ryzen 5000 CPU? There was an issue with random USB disconnects a while back - AMD released a BIOS update that fixes this issue. I’m not sure if this is your problem, but something to consider if you are using an X570/B550 chipset.

That doesn’t look like a problem to me, as it’d probably be more unusual for it to be perfectly central.

If you notice the aircraft rolling or pitching up/down when you aren’t moving the sidestick, then you could always introduce a larger deadzone in the MSFS controller settings.

You could always try a recalibration of the sidestick and if it is like the TM Warthog, you will need to do that with the appropriate Thrustmaster calibration software.