Tca boeing yoke problem

Hello everyone! I bought the TCA Boeing Yoke, at first in the X-Plane it worked perfectly for me. After a while the simulator began to take the center more to the right, also when I moved the yoke as far as possible to one side it moved just a little. Then I tried MSFS and the same thing is happening to me. Then I started thinking that it wasn’t something from the simulators, but that the yoke could be broken. Or is it a calibration thing? Any solution? Thank you all!

If you’re having the problem in both X-Plane and MSFS, it’s probably not a software thing. I would contact Thrustmaster about it. Their website looks pretty bare bones but I was able to contact someone easily by phone. They had me ship my yoke to their facility in France and I got it back three days after sending it from Canada which was a big surprise.

In Windows 10 (unknown for 11) you can click start, then type USB and one choice that pops up is USB Game Controllers.

Click it, select the yoke from the list, and click properties.

You should now have a screen showing the axis values graphically and all the buttons.

Start testing the range of motion, and you will probably see the same off center and reduced deflection as in the games, however that will really prove its the controller since you are seeing what windows “sees” without any sim getting involved.

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Thank you bro. I did it, it is working bad. I called Truthmaster but they told me hat the garanty only is for USA, so I brought it to my country, Argentina, so there isnt more garanty. An assistant is helping me, but no solution for now…

Ugh. That stinks. Sadly I’ve seen some videos that indicate there are small plastic parts that can crack or break off making trouble. Its possible, despite the price tag, that something broke in there.