TCA Quad No Selections

Hello All, hope to get some insight here. I’m about to pull my hair out trying to do this myself. I just installed my second TCA so now I have the addons, that is have the spoiler and flaps add on and now two TCAs. Prior all was GREAT. Now having added the second TCA problem is with ONLY the second TCA. It shows in the sim as TQ 3 and 4 but it is not recognized somehow. I assigned buttons manually but nothing responds and it looks different and theres no picture of the TCA when it’s selected. Theres a big question mark. So somehow it is in there, but the sim seems to not know what it is. I have tried everything. I even ran the drivers again. Still no go. I have to be missing something silly. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Okay… Let’s do this one thing at a time. I don’t have Quad setup, but I know enough about how the sim behaves and based on my experience with my dual TCA setup with addons.

First things first. Do a Factory recalibration of both of your quadrants with addons but do them one at a time. You can look at the steps to do the recalibration here. There’s also a YouTube video link inside this document that will show you how it’s done.

You have to note that there’s a missing step in this guide, especially during the detent and pressing the two red buttons so I’m giving you the better steps here.

First, do the calibration process for Engines 1&2. You have to attach both addons, the spoilers and flaps into the first quadrant, and set it to Engine 1&2. Once that’s done, follow the steps to start the calibration process as the document above. By the time you get to the moving the levers and pressing the red buttons, the guide only shows you 4x steps. But in reality, you have to do it 5x. Instead you do this:

  1. Throttle TOGA, Spoilers Up, Flaps Up → Press two red buttons
  2. Throttle FLX/MCT, Spoilers 1, Flaps 1 → Press two red buttons
  3. Throttle CLB, Spoilers 2, Flaps 2 → Press two red buttons
  4. Throttle IDLE, Spoilers 3, Flaps 3 → Press two red buttons
  5. Throttle FULL REVERSE, Spoilers Full, Flaps Full → Press two red buttons

Then you can follow the rest of the guide to save the calibration process.

Now you’re done calibrating the first 2 engines. Now you need to detach the addon from Engine 1&2 quadrant, and attach both addons to Engine 3&4 quadrant. Make sure you already switch the engine mode to 3&4. Once you done this, you have to repeat the calibration steps again the same thing as above when you did it for Engine 1&2.

Now you’re done calibrating both quadrants properly. Now you can detach the Spoilers quadrant from Engine 3&4, and attach it to engine 1&2 while keeping the flaps attached to engine 3&4. Now you can connect both quadrants into the separate USB ports.

In the sim, The Engine 3&4 does not have a default binding. This is normal, because they didn’t take quad engine setup into account. But that doesn’t mean it’s not supported. It is supported, it’s just doesn’t have a default image nor binding because engine 3&4 is using a completely different set of keys.

The next thing to do is to Delete all profile that you have previously created using the Preset Manager. Just delete everything and the sim will bring Engine 1&2 into the default profile with default bindings. Once you have that, you can use the Preset Manager to Duplicate the default profile. This is where we’ll do the work.

Now since we split the addons into separate throttle quadrants. You open the Engine 3&4 controls. You’ll see this as Blank right? This is normal, all you need to do is Set the Filter to All, and it should open up all the possible commands that can be bound in the sim. All you need to do is use the Engine 1&2 as a reference on where to bind the commands. Take some screenshots and do a comparison. Eventually, you’ll need to bind the commands manually in Engine 3&4, Especially the Flaps axis, Set Parking Brake, Rudder Trim and Reset rudder trim. The throttle and engine switches, you need to follow from the engine 1&2 but uses the 3&4 instead.

Once you set up Engine 3&4, you need to go back to Engine 1&2 binding controls, and you have to delete the bindings for the Flaps, Parking brake, Rudder Trim, and Rudder Trim reset. Since this is attached to the engine 3&4, you don’t want “ghost inputs” from being bound to the engine 1&2 instead.

Once you have everything bound, you can play around with the sensitivity the way you want. And everything should work for you.

Sorry for the long post. Here’s some potatoes

That was EXCELLENT! I know it took some time and knowledge to respond to my problem but they now work perfectly. I wish I could buy you a cup (or two). Thank you, thank you, thank you. I took my first flight with the Ukmil C-17. Some to get use to as it seems to have a better config then the default Neos, but an excellent small trip from KLAS to KSAN. Again and again, thank you…

No problem, just set my post as the solution, so other people can benefit from it.