TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition --- Usb Cable?

Just me or did the TCA Quadrant not come with a cable to hook it to the PC? The joystick has a cable attached but the throttle section has nothing except a little 3 inch removable cable.

Not a huge deal to purchase on separately but seems like an odd thing.

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just checked mine, I have a long one attached, but cant remember if it was one of my own, because I have hundreds of those cables in my house. the manual shows a 3 inch connector USB type B, yes it does seem odd, 3 inches!!!

It most definitely should come with a cable. If you didn’t get one, I’d recommend contacting Thrustmaster as it should have been included with the package. I purchased the TCA Officer’s package and the throttle quadrant did come with a cable.

I had included a USB Typ-C to Typ-A cable.
Typ-C is for the quadrant and Typ-A is connected to the PC.

Thanks for the replies. Guess it was left out of box.

Just ordered a cable on Amazon. Temporarily, using another USB-C to USB-C cable I had. Seems to work.