TCA Quadrant and rudder pedal delay

Hello everyone, so after I updated my Nvidia drivers my TCA quadrant throttle and rudder pedals now have a huge delay response to my physical movements.
It’s not constantly as they do respond correctly but then the delay takes in place, goes back to normal and back again with the delay. Very impossible to fly like this. I’m sure it’s not the SU7 that caused this because I flew without any issues that same day.
So, if anyone with the TCA quadrant and the thrustmaster rudder pedals is having this issue please let me know if you found a fix for it. I tried everything and the problem is still there.

Thank you all.

Have you checked the reactivity slider on the TCA Quadrant sensitivity menu?
If all else fails, maybe the rudder pedals need to be connected directly to the PC instead of via the TCA quadrant.

Everything is connected directly to the PC. I have checked to see if the sliders move in the control options menu and they do. I am starting to think if it’s an USB port issue here now. I have moved them from different ports but it still has the same issue. Searched for their corresponding drivers, updated them and same issue still. I’ve ran out of ideas.

Does the movement have any delay? I’m talking about the “Reactivity” slider in your sensitivity page in your controls. The Reactivity is an adjustable slider that actually manages the delay of inputs coming from your hardware and how it starts to react within the sim.

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just checked right now and the reactivity slider is set to 100% for all of my controls. This is weird because it started happening after I updating my Nvidia drivers through GeForce.

I found the issue! So, everytime I hold down on the scroll and the right button of the mouse the pedals/throttle stop working. I have no idea why , it’s crazy.

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