TCA Quadrant Throttle 1 not working in game (FIXED)

My TCA Quadrant Throttler 1 is not moving in game while 2 is, not even by clicking it with the mouse, after SU5 update. I emptied the community folder and the issue persist. The problem replicates with A320NX and with default as well. Windows shows that the joystick is working property as well as inside the option setting in game, but while in the airplane it wont move/register in game. Tried debinding and rebinding but still nothing. Out of clues at this point.

I have the same issue

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My started working by itself. I did removed all the files from Community folder and left it empty for a while. Also, I uninstalled and deleted A320NX and the calibration files inside the work folder where the calibration of the TCA was.

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Maybe I can help you. In an other topic I found this solution:
TCA Quadrant & AddOn problem with SU5 - Bugs & Issues / Hardware - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
In the settings of my TCA Quadrant I removed the entry “Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve”, now I can start, run and shut down the engine No 1 of the A32nx (Developer) via the TCA Quadrant.

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Nope, that part I figured it out. I’m good not, it got fixed somehow but don’t know how. I troubleshoot so much.

Do you have the Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant too? I found my issue. If you have both TCA Quadrant and Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant, the levers in the Honeycomb Bravo can’t be passed the bottom detent, it will overwrite the TCA Quadrant for some odd reason, even thou when the Honeycomb Bravo levers are not assigned to anything. See image below: