TCAS issues

I’m using FBW A32NX stable and the ECAM displays NAV TCAS STBY but my TCAS is on TA/RA
anyone know why?

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Have you also turned the ATC system switch to AUTO or ON (top left switch) and the ALT RPTG switch to ON?


Sorry for the late reply, but you fixed it for me. Thank you very much!

Hello ,
Can you please help me with the TcAs of Boeing 747?

I cannot hear the call-outs, I can see on the display “traffic” and even see the aircraft in front of me “ red with +01” but I cannot hear the resolution such as “climb climb” or “descend” I cannot even hear the “traffic” call-out🥲. Can you please help me fixing it?

I downloaded suondpro for b747 and can hear Gpws call-outs now, but still Tcas….not working.

I just want this Tcas to work, it just feels not the same flying without it.

Hope you can help me sir.