TCAS - Live Players

TCAS is a very important tool for situational awareness, specially in high populated areas, airports and IMC/VMC conditions.

Asobo limited this tool to display only AI traffics but we need to display real players too.

This game needs more realism. So, let’s vote!

Yep 100% agree :star_struck:

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Thank you for voting!

That’s “mandatory”!! 100% agree!

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Me also. Should have been in earlier.

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Yes! I vote Yes

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Keep voting guys!


Well, so far we have almost 50 votes :ballot_box:
How many votes do we need to this can be listed on top issues/fix priorities?

More in flight multiplayer controls is really needed. TCAS is a logical way to implement this! But make it linked to the transponder (and show non-complying aircraft with perhaps a different, and switch off-able symbol)

Let’s keep voting fellows!

TCAS is one of the major features on modern cockpits. Please make TCAS work for online platforms like VATSIM and IVAO. It’s a quite big defficiency to fly without TCAS on those platforms.

Kind regards.


Couldn’t agree more!! Also, please search the Wishlist for Garmin GTN 750!! A great tool for TCAS!

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How on Earth this wasn’t included from day one, I will never know

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really need this!

TCAS is many things…but for most of us we just want the positions painted on the flight displays that is enough


Couldn’t agree more!

This thing is called a, “SIM, first and foremost” (J. Neumann). TCAS is not a “nice to have”, it’s essential. Otherwise, we’re simply blind on VATSIM (which is an official MSFS partner btw.), IVAO and PilotEdge.


yes totally agreeee

how many votes we need to be listened ?

A few hundred at least.

Lets keep voting guys!

Please Asobo notice this, I’m bewildered that a Multiplayer Simulation platform as big as MSF doesn’t show other Live Players in the Garmin or VFR map, this needs blatant rectifying and should not require a Voting system to make it obvious that it needs to be included. Thanks.

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