TDS 750 + huge fps 2d and VR performance drop when gtn_simulator.exe active?

If i have the gtn 750 active, the c310R milviz or others like justflight turbo IV (with default gps) at laguardia nyc will get about 65 fps in 2d maximized (dlss qual, 4k), and the aero in vr is only 27 (no motion smoothing).

If i disable the tds so it doesnt load into the sim on start up, then the fps jump to 75+ and the vr is much much better where it should be at 54-57.
I’ve seen comments about disabling Defender or adding exclusions, i dont use defender, as i use eset and eset has been tested as being paused during these tests. Also nanovg is enabled in experimental features.

I tried disabling the tds gtn 750 and enabling the pms gtn 750, despite using the same gtn_simulator.exe the pms has no degradation

This is with the 4090 gpu too.

Anyone ran into this?

i’ve put in a request with tds support for an apparent experimental build that may cure this issue. So far no word. Meantime i’ve switched to pms and confirmed it works fine multiple times.

I’m puzzled as i asked around with other aero users that use the tds and cant get any answers from anyone else who can replicate this issue.

in the meantime:
anyone with an aero + tds gtn run *just fine in vr on win 11 with the 4090?