TDS GTNXi flight plan import

Hello all!
Anyone have a procedure for importing a flight plan with Simbrief into the TDS GTNXi?

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This is how I do it.

  • Export the flight plan from simbrief downloader in the following location and format:

  • Then from the GTNXi click the ‘Flight Plan’ button, then the ‘Menu’ button (bottom of the screen), then the ‘Catalog’ button, then the ‘Menu’ button (bottom of the screen), then the ‘Import’ button.

Writing this from memory, but the flight plans you have exported to the above folder should show up in a list that you can choose from.

Hi there!
I tried all that and when I go to the Flight Plan Catalog Menu, all I have is what you see below-

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That’s strange. You are running the TDS version of the GTNXi, right?

Here’s what mine looks like in the Cessna 414AW:

and this when you click the Import button:

The docs also describe the process as well:

Maybe you’re running an older version? Here’s my installed version info:

Hope this helps.

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This is indeed the correct solution to get this to work. Been doing this for quite a long time now. It always works.

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Be sure you have saved a FlightPlan from inside the GTNXi first…i had the same problem but after saving a FP in the device i was able to see the "Flightplan catalog menu with the import buitton, wich i didn’t see before.


I had the same, so OP may just need to have TDS generate the folder. It’s been rock solid since then.