TDS or PMS50 GTN 750

I’ve been usim PMS50 GTN750 for a while but I’ve never been satisfied with it compared to the old Flight 1 GTN 750 for FSX as the older one used the core Garmin GTN 750 sim and thus had much more resources like procedure approaches, LPV, better screen etc.
I’ve heard the TDS GTN 750 also uses the core Garmin GTN 750 NXI training sim. Anyone using the TDS can give an opinion?

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I use it and like it, @Crunchmeister71 is the one who got me setup with it, he will be able to provide a much better overview.

If you’re looking for ultimate realism, it’s hard to beat the real thing. I’ve used it and find it’s quite good all around. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of, keeping in mind this isn’t a sim limitation, but a limitation of the unit running the Garmin Trainer at its core:

  • Charts are only available for North America
  • AIRAC data is about 1 year old. The trainer is updated about twice a year, but the data is always out of date. If you have a legit Garmin sub (as in fly something that uses the Garmin unit), you can inject that data into the trainer
  • Weather systems are INOP as it can’t tie into the MSFS weather system. So you get no NEXRAD nor weather radar on planes that would otherwise support it.
  • Flight plans won’t be synched up with the sim. You will be required to enter flight plans manually. Although you will be able to save them to the virtual SD card as you would with the real thing.
  • There’s no cross-fill between the 750 and 650, and they don’t share data catalogs. So you have to manually load the flight plans into both systems separately.

If you’re able to live with those limitations, it’s a great add-on for the sim, and not terrible expensive either considering what you’re getting.


Great, thanks for the info!
And what about VNAV, does it capture de glidepath with the autopilot as it does with the WT G1000 NXI?

It doesn’t have VNAV as of yet, as it uses the base sim navdata. Outside of the G1000NXi and the CJ4, nothing else in MSFS fully supports VNAV unless they use custom avionics and flight planners like the FBW, Fenix and PMDG planes.

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Great! I’ll keep using G1000NXi until a full functional GTN 750 comes to market.


You’re not going to find anything more fully functional than what’s on the market currently. They’re not likely to be able to pull those extra missing features into the GTNXi. Ever. And the PMS50 is ■■■■ good already, and improving over time.

But if a plane has the G1000NXi, I can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to downgrade that with a GTN750.


Thank you for your input on the TDS GTNXi, we are here to take all advice and improve the TDS GTNXi.
Through this response we would like to clarify a few aspects.

In regards to Charts, yes, we only feature North America, but they come bundled in the package, there is no need for an active subscription to use them. The charts that we have are the real world charts.

AIRAC is a valid issue and thank you for braining it up. The database that is included with the TDS GTNXi is the real world database that you can find in the unit, this includes all the important aspects such as LPV approaches with RF leg typess, airport information, airways, etc. It can’t get better than the real one. Plus, it goes hand in hand with the autopilot system laterally and vertically!

Weather is very important to us and we do have part of it already simulated! Since the release of the TDS GTNXI version we feature worldwide live METAR in the Airport Info page, there is no user input needed to activate this feature. The METAR display is both textual as well as decoded, just like in the real unit, it can’t get better than this.

For weather radar, we really would need the information from within the MSFS engine to be able to accurately draw the weather radar and all the relevant weather information, hence why weather radar is not found in other big MSFS airliners (yet). Customers will be surprised that we can add more to the TDS GTNXi than what they think that are “limitations of running the trainer”.

Since the TDS GTNXi has its own database, inputting the flight plan is done like in real life, by typing it in the unit using the virtual keyboard, it is very easy to do. In addition to this, we have the ability to import flight plans (from LittleNavMap/SimBrief), as an alternative solution, again, just like in the real unit.

While crossfill is not (yet) supported, one can use the send 750 unit for other situational awareness capabilities: traffic, terrain, METAR, airport information, etc.

We care about the input from customers in order to enjoy the TDS GTNXi and we thank for each opportunity that we have received to improve our product. Hence why we have recently added METAR and other exciting features!


I do prefer the TDS because it looks and feels like the real thing. It‘s also a lot cheaper than the PMS subscription. I haven‘t had a situation where a Nav fix wasn‘t in the database. Also remember, that if you want to have charts in the PMS unit you have to have a Navigraph subscription. So all in all l, the PMS will cost you about 120€/ year.

On the downside, not every plane supports the TDS, though most newer planes do. But the same can be said about the PMS, at least for the PMS/WTT mode (whitout this mode, you only get the base sim‘s flight planer without the ability to add holds, visual approaches etc.). Only a few planes support WTT for the PMS.

The TDS is a lot less fps friendly. I wish that the planes would have te option to disable/remove the second 750/650 screen.

Good to hear that there’s more than can be done with the Garmin Trainer back end. The weather is really a big one, and it’s unfortunate that Microsobo don’t consider this to be the big deal it actually is and are very resistent to opening up the system more for 3rd parties. I’m sure if the correct data in the correct format could be fed to the trainer, it would display as it would in the real unit.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the GTNXi is awesome. I use it and have for some time. The one thing that really holds folks back from using it (particularly in live ATC systems) is the year old nav data. And I don’t think that’s not really something you’re able to “fix” in any simple way. Sure, pilots who have a valid Garmin sub for their real world unit can use that data with the GTNXi to update it. But most folks flying the sim don’t have access to that, nor can afford the hefty cost of said subscription simply for slight sim purposes.

I still think you guys need to expand and add more trainer-based avionic solutions. I know I would be all over something like a G500/600. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

Not if you outright buy the full license, which is what I did. It’s more expensive, but it’s a 1 time purchase for life. I don’t consider Navigraph as part of this, as I had that before either of the GTN units were available and would be subscribing to that regardless.

I still prefer the TDS by a long shot, but in certain planes (like the C414), I prefer the PMS50 due to it having weather data available.

I run the TDS in standalone mode on an external touch screen. That fixes the performance hit it has on the sim, and you can literally use it with any plane at all like you can use the PMS50 toolbar version with any plane in the sim. It just doesn’t appear in the virtual cockpit. And I don’t really care about that as I use Air Manager for my main panels anyway. I don’t care what’s in the VC at all. The down side of running it externally is that you’re limited to a 750/650 combo. So for planes like the C414 where you’d have dual 750, it’s a bit of a compromise.

I have to throw my vote in for the TDS GTN750xi. The pros and cons have already been detailed in the posts above, so I won’t re-hash those.

My experience - I fly exclusively on VATSIM, so having up-to-date procedures and charts are essential. Having said that, I have not once encountered a procedure that has changed so much that I was not able to accurately follow ATC instructions or charted procedures (on a SID or STAR). I think only once I had a discrepancy where the STAR was updated to a new number… Verified fixes against the up-to-date navigraph plate and confirmed there was no impact.

The TDS representation of the GTNxi is not only a good simulation - it is exactly like the real thing. Because it is the real thing (in terms of software). It works amazingly well in VR (I fly only in VR). The ability to pull up charts and weather is very useful for reducing clutter in the small VR workspaces of the Caravan, King Air and Arrow. The ability to couple the unit to the automation to fly ILS and LPV approaches works just like the real deal. Performance is excellent - no noticeable FPS hits/stuttering caused by this unit.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing, modern navigator for your GA flying.

Hi tiberii11!
So you cam assure me that the TDS Gtn 750 can couple with the autopilot of the Cessna 172 and the 172 G1000 and also, others like The Cirrus SR22 that uses the Kap 140 and GFC 700 autopilot for LPV, VNAV and RNAV approaches, I mean, will catch a glideslope at TOD and work as the G1000NXI will do on an approach?
That"s the only thing that is preventing me of subscribing your GTN 750.

@Crunchmeister71 was a big help to me when I asked this exact question. Thanks again!

In the end I bought both, a temporary sub to PMS to try it and bought the TDS.

If I was to buy just one, I would buy the TDS.


IOIOOIIOI8864 Can you confirm me if the TDS GTN 750NXI will interact with the default autopilot like the GFC700 and KAP 140 for fully coupled LPV approaches?

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If it’s run in standalone mode, it overrides any in sim nav / GPS and couples to the AP (there’s a setting for that in the TDS app).

If you’re using some 3rd party mod to force it into the cockpit of a G1000 plane, I can’t be sure. But in all planes where it’s supported in the virtual cockpit, and when used externally on any plane with an autopilot, it does indeed do LPV and ILS approaches without issue.

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Thank you for your kind words.

In regards to the performance, we have a lot of performance improvements that will resolve any localized issue that you may have, please feel free to contact us via our official support channels and we will gladly assist.
The same applies to to having the option to disable the second screen.


Thank you for your message and for your valuable input.
We highly appreciate it and we understand what you are trying to achieve.
As always, we will do our best to continually improve the TDS GTNXi!

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The TDS GTNXi is coded to take advantage of the default autopilot both laterally and vertically, yes, this means that LPV approaches are being flown by the autopilot, the same goes for all other approaches which provide vertical guidance and even the VISUAL approaches, which enabled all runways at all airports to fly a fully coupled approach (an LPV approach)!

VNAV is not available at the moment, we will assess this based on simulator/other autopilot capabilities at the correct time. The only other small drawback is that the TDS GTNXi is a GPS navigator and because of this, it should not be used side by side with the G1000, as this would not happen in real life.

With the default KAP140/GFC700, the TDS GTNXI works very well.

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I´ve bought and installed the TDS GTN 750 yeasterday, everything went well.
Made a brief test with the Just Flight Arrow Turbo IV that has a VC integration and it worked well, except for the plane autopilot that is very rudimentar and didn´t coupled the autopilot NAV mode.
So I tried it with the 172 G1000 but then I couldn´t load the GTN 750 as standalone (using same monitor), it didn´t show on the toolbar, only the PMS50 that is also installed.
Any tip?

Got it working, but the GTN 750screen resolution is much lower then the stock GNS 530 and 430 on the 172 panel. Also when the screen of tje GTN 750 is active, all the commands on the 172 panel become inoperactive, I have to alternate the windows (hide the GTN 750 window) so the 172 panel commands take effect