TDS vs PMS 750, TDS not loading flight plan from world map?

I did a little comparison and maybe this is a known thing, but it seems that if you load a flight plan on the world map, once in the sim, the tds 750 doesnt have the flight plan loaded and shown on the map? I believe this is working with the PMS.

Is this a known thing or is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance

One problem that might cause htis, is that the TDS GTN750 is using its own Garmin Nav Database, that may or may not match the information in your flight plan, from the Asobo or Navigrapgh nav database.

Also, the TDS GTN750, uses a different Garmin FP format for its flight plans.

Could be a lot of things.

One work around “might” be to

  1. Save the World Map FP
  2. Load it into LNM
  3. Export it from LNM as a Garmin Format FP
  4. Then there may be a way to read that Garmin Format FP into the TDS GTN750
  • seem to remember doing something like this when I use to use the TDS GTN750* ???

The TDS guys on their Discord would be the best ones to help you. They have great Tech Support on their Discord.


The best thing to do is to enter your flight plan directly on the TDS unit. Any waypoint in the flight plan not included in the Garmin Navdata or not programmed in the TDS unit will will cause a .gfp import to fail. And no, the TDS unit does not directly take a flight plan from MSFS. It never has.

The best work around is to flight plan on your TDS unit.

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Ya, well that’d be easy to do if there was a way to actually SEE your flight plan once the flight’s loaded.

Having to take a screenshot of the plan, or manually copying each waypoint to a scratchpad is a pain the ■■■■…