TEAL DC-6, Wellington to Christchurch

After a few shake down flights in the PMDG DC-6, I’ve managed to make friends with the Auto Flight Engineer and everything from Rob’s YouTube tutorials has began to click into place.

Today I took the Six on it’s first A to B flight, from Wellington to Christchurch, painted in @pby5a’s stunning Tasman Empire Airways Ltd livery that was released overnight over on flightsim.to.

Sorry for the overload of shots, but she just looked so that I couldn’t stop hitting my screengrab key! :heart_eyes:


Not only are those screenshots impressive work, but I’ve found a fellow simmer who likes to write short books like I do, and does impressive photography work as well. This is doubly true when you consider that (in some places anyway), you have to fly the aircraft AND take screengrabs at the same time.

Well done, and gives me (another!) reason to go out and buy the DC-6, which I have so far resisted temptation about.

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Thanks @KevyKevTPA, I do enjoy a good trip write up. Just discovered your Twitch channel too, hope to catch one of your streams live in the future.