"Tech Alpha Inside" title

Has anyone noticed that the text “Tech Alpha Insider” disappeared from your profile?

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I don’t think they are singling you out. I don’t have it anymore either, and I haven’t participated in any of those threads. Maybe just a forum clean-up or a bug or whatever.

Doesn’t really matter to me - sure, we tested it, but now the game is released so that is no longer relevant. Of course I understand that people disagree with me on this and I respect that - not trying to run you down.

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Hey y’all, check under your Profile -> Summary -> Preferences -> Title. It might be in the dropdown?

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If this is a bug, I will delete the post.
I don’t think, it’s a bug. I don’t see the archived alpha forum parts either, which means I’ve been removed.
Yes, it is not relevant now, until a next beta period. The principle of the procedure is outrageous I think.

That’s not there.

short title insider test
a priori I still have the title

Nah, some people still have it (like you), and some people don’t anymore (me and the OP). For us, the “Title” section is gone.

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may be due to the grade attributed on the forum corresponding to the participation rate on the forum during the alpha/beta period.

Your guess is as good as mine. Only the mods know :slight_smile:

No they don’t. It seems some people have lost the title. We’re looking into it.


It vanished for a few of us a couple of days ago, due to an error. Some have had their status returned.

I stand corrected!

If this is a bug, I apologize. Maybe I was suddenly angry (I hope).
We’ll waiting for a solution.

It seems to be an error and will be corrected. When details are available about how/when/what I’ll share them here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info! Then I won’t delete the topic until then.
It all seemed too strange by error.

well I had a very rude Tech Alpha Insider basicly call anyone an idiot that had controller issues feel free to look.

We’re not all rude :slight_smile:


With 13k people, there will always be some rotten apples.

It was a good lesson, I really made a mistake.
I apologize for that.
Next time, I’m not going to write a post with that tone until it’s not proven.

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It’s a shame some people on here have lost control and have resorted to aggressive and troll behaviour. I understand the frustration but there’s no need for behaviour like this.