Terrain spawning like a wall near MMNG

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atm I did tried with empty community folder, issue is still present

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after taking off MMNG, heading 283° got the terrain staring blinking then a wall glitch spawned leading to fatal damage to the aircraft, later retried this flight with dev mod on, my aircraft has been throw away up to the stratosphere

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)

Lat = 31.268417
Lon = -111.074911
Alt = 1698.936028m above ellipsoid
Alt = 1729.038225m above geoid (AMSL)
Alt = 397.422882m above ground (AGL)

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

take off from MMNG, heading to 283° for approx 3 - 5 nm

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

i7 4770k , gtx 1070 ti, 16 gb ram

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

actual official msfs version

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Hi @NiKoTin3420
There’s something there, but it’s a bit strange.
The first sortie I flew was set up from the WM. First screen shot, nothing to be seen as I headed in that direction:

Second screen shot Shortly thereafter, I hit the big wall you saw!

Then it got strange. I went to logbook and used “fly again” option, and it flew just fine with no wall to run into. I exited that, and set up the flight from WM again (no sim restart) and it flew fine without running into the wall. At one point I did see some of the “wall” for a second, and then flew right through it, and couldn’t see anything when I looked back toward where it should have been.

Exited the sim then restarted the sim and set up the flight from the WM. Ran into the big wall again.

So it seems like it will work fine (at least some of the time) if you refly the sortie, or restart it from the WM if you don’t restart the sim. But if you restart the sim, you’ll run into the wall again.
This is in a sim with nothing in the community folder.


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thanks to confirm this is not just on my end, just did another try with empty folder aswell and recorded ,

the video has just been uploaded and may suffer of low quality
it seems to be triggered by a specific tile … I did not explore that much all behaviors around it and wich scenario may bypass it

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