Terrain spikes are back - mappamundi-glitchfix no longer applicable? [FIXED]

There is an issue with CTD caused by data in CGL folders, mostly add-on airports aerial high-res terrain textures.
MS working on it:

There is a temporay fix described here:
based on the removing/renaming CGL folders storing the conflicting imagery.
Unfortunattely the fix by @mappamundi for the terrain spikes introduced by the December update also contains CGL folders :frowning:

The CTD is only caused by sai*.cgl files.

That ‘spike’ fix contains no such files.

Yes and the cgl’s are just a different version of those in Asobo’s fs-base-cgl. Anyway you wont need it anymore from tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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When I first installed MFS2020 I promised to myself - no more hours of tinkering like with FSX and it’s predecessors.
I never imaged the level of mastery required to handle to Community Folder additions and fixes. Let’s keep the finger crossed for the Asobo readiness to roll-out the update when it will be mature enough.
Just in case of another delay I’m ready with several Community folders, each one for different use case :wink:

By the way: “ItalyDEM” includes CGL folders, but no sai*.cgl files, so I can still enjoy Dolomites from the air (as skiing is not an option this year).

Just wanted to say thanks for a great solution to this problem. As to your second point - I’m keeping it on ice!