Terrible behavior of 787-10 on landing after update

After today’s update, the performance of the 787-10 on landing is a total chaos. Whether you use autobrakes or brake manually the plane keeps “jumping” on the nose gear until it comes to a complete stop on the runway. Terrible. And worse than terrible is the fact that the aircraft’s behavior was simply fine until the release of this update.

Miguel (LPPT)

Oh thats weird- Not sure if its related, but I was taxiing between runways at KRDU and the terrain is uneven- the 787 was bouncing like a lowrider on steroids! the nose bounced about 20-30 ft about 6 times…

This “nose bouncing” issue, for me, began today after the update. I think the problem with your 787 is probably related (I don’t know if you already applied the update)

Same problem for me since the last update, on all airport and taxy way.

I have had the same problem since the France update:
Each time I am on the ground with the 787-10 Dreamliner, from the touch down point to the rotation, when the aircraft gains speed, its nose gear starts bumping more and more on itself, before bouncing a few ft from the ground. Because of that, it is very difficult to handle the plane, taxi and uses much more runway in order to take-off.

Have you read the other thread about this issue which details a workaround? The forum search feature is very helpful FYI.

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Same to me, any plane and port.

Hello everyone, we just addressed this issue with a hotfix ! [HOTFIX] Bouncing B787 on the runway Have a great day!


Excuse me, be it’s hard to find the hotfix in the huge Microsoft site. Could you please provide us a link to this hotfix?

Thank you,

Mine was updated automatically when i start up MSFS. Seems like it is not bouncing anymore when increasing the fuel load.

Thanks, I thought that we would have to download the hotfix somewhere in the Microsoft site.

Why? The game has always updated itself.

It’s an in-game update, just run the sim and it will welcome you…

This issue was resolved with a hotfix (