Terrible fps dx12

Rolling cache deleted.
i9 10900 kf processor.
Palit RTX 3090 gamingpro.
32 gb corsair vengeance.
Everything set to ultra.
Tried in dx12.
Motion blurr off.
Shocking fps.
Time to get dlss going :joy::joy:
Gone back to super smooth dx11 for now.
Apart from that!
It looks absolutely superb.
Much better than before.
The clouds look amazing.

I lost a lot of FPS, even with DX11, forced to switch to 2K to get 35 FPS
with my old setup without changing the 4K 90% ULTRA terrain 400 graphics, I went from 25 FPS to 8 FPS with DX12 with my old I9 900K and RTX 2080, LOL

Try turning the motion blur in ‘Graphics Settings’ to ‘OFF’.

DX12 causes a CTD when I launch a flight. Every time.

I didn’t have much time last night but I had two crashes with DX12, one of which was almost certainly mod related. I had the C208 mod installed, and had the issue of having the cockpit entirely missing. :slight_smile:

The sim crashed shortly after. Then, after removing that I had a successful flight with the Caravan, then tried out the PC6. The sim crashed mid-air of TNCM. I wasn’t doing anything unusual, just switching in-cockpit camera views when it died.

I’ll try out DX11 tonight.

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I did.
If you read it :rofl::open_book::+1:

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Oops, must’ve missed that.

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