Text-to speech setting

What is the difference in WINDOWS OFFLINE and AZURE voices and how does it affect the performance of MSFS2020?

From what I understood, in offline mode the sim uses the voices already present in your Windows 10 installation, while Azure voices are additional and available only as streaming. I don’t think they have a strong impact on performance, but probably this depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

The reason about performance, is that I read in forums that by disabling the Azure voices you minimize the risk of having a CTD … Is this true?

P.S. I never knew that Windows 10 come with voices…

I’ve had no problem with Azure at all. btw - Windows 7 already came with voices! :wink:

That is true. The Azure voices have been linked to CTD. Not sure if it is Azure or if it is just the straw that pushes the network errors over the edge. CTDs have been shown to be caused by a number of things, but network data flow has been identified as one of those factors.

If you have it on and experience CTD then turning it off may stop the problem. If it doesn’t, try turning off Live Traffic. If that doesn’t solve it then network causes are probably not YOUR causes. :wink:

Really? Linked by who - Asobo or forum members?

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How about I say, “linked by ME”. Does it matter.
Spend a little time working the problem and a trend develops. When a user eliminates a problem by turning off a feature and it returns when they turn the feature back on, that would indicate a LINK.

So Windows 10 has all the English words in it? WOW !!!

You need the US english language pack on your Windows 10. The voices in MSFS sound a little childish using the WINDOWS OFFLINE mode but it is useable, also more different voices than when using azure. It does react a little quicker also I believe, AZURE has a little delay between selecting an option and start of speech.

The video in this thread is using the windows offline mode, see for yourself.

So in fact it hasn’t been linked to CTDs except in your own opinion and perhaps that of other customers, which means very little - big difference, especially when people are asking for help with something and you present something as a fact.

Please do argue - I’ve seen a lot of your posts on the forums and they all follow a similar trend.

Is this European messages when you use Windows off line setting?

No the European RTF is from my mod.

After disabling Azure I haven’t had a CTD yet although it’s not 100% confirmed if Azure was the cause

Now I am confused. I went ahead and installed your voices, hoping to hear the European accents. Must I uninstalled them now since it is for your modifications?

The video is using the WINDOWS OFFLINE setting instead of AZURE. The phraseology from the video is from my mod. The mod does not change the voices, only what they say. Changing from AZURE to WINDOWS OFFLINE changes the voices.

What video are you talking about? What I want to know is that, have I done wrong to install your voices as you described?

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Like I said in my first post, open the thread I send you in there is a video, thats what the WINDOWS OFFLINE voices sound like. If you want European phraseology, then install my mod. This video:

There was no video in my download that is why I got confused. There was a pdf document though “Airline Pilot Handbook”

Simple solution my friend, do not ask for assistance on a public forum that is not monitored by the developer. If you believe the problems are Asobo/Microsoft, they have provided Zendesk for bug reporting. Any advice you receive here will be based on experience and extensive troubleshooting by people with many years of expertise in a variety of related subjects. People with a track record of solving a number of user problems. Obviously this is not the kind of assistance you are looking for.

Good luck.

And linked to CTD in many threads in this forum, if you search. It was also highlighted early on post launch by Asobo as a known issue that could cause CTDs, although that advice had now changed following more recent patches.

I’ve no idea why you are responding like this to these posts.

On this forum you do not get any official response from Asobo. Sometimes the moderators can share something but this is rare. So pretty much every post reflects a users opinion or experience. Your choice what you do with them, but don’t give someone a hard time for sharing theirs in an attempt to help someone. Your experience, as is everyone’s, is unique to them, especially with this sim. If you spend any time at all in the forums you’ll quickly realise that one of the most challenging aspectd of the sim is for different people to have different experiences even if they have similar set ups and settings.