Texture and 3D Object problem in FS2020

Hi all,

I am using STEAM Version of MSFS Sim Update 12.

I have a texture rendering problem in MSFS.
I exported my helicopter using 3ds max’s 2021 Babylon exporter (Not a single error message). Everything is in the correct folders.
I hit Build all and get error messages for all textures.
I tried the walkaround from the forum here (removing the TEXTURE path in the gltf file) but that also doesn’t work. I attached screenshots:

Does anyone knows a workaround to get rid of the Errors ?


Hi I am assuming you have already built your model and created the corresponding textures, why not try model converter X development version. Create a new folder, put your gltf file with its corresponding bin and xml file in there, then create another folder and call it texture ( must be inside the same folder) and import your gltf file in to model converter x and see what happens. This tool was kindly donated by the Great Arno of fs developer fame and it is very good and free!
In model converter you can also check what textures are missing and try and link them to your gltf file and re-export it as gltf, it is a very powerful tool.
Don’t forget it can also compile and create MSFS package from your source file.

Hi Biman,

thank you very much. Will try it and report back.


Ok. Thank you. Now i can see my model :slight_smile:

The textures are randomly placed on the Model. In 3ds max everything looks fine. Tailrotor also refuses to export. I think I did something wrong…but what …

Did you read the documentation about aircraft modelling? Naming of objects for example is pretty important.


Also, don’t use the Babylon exporter, but the provided MSFS exporter that comes with the SDK.


I did and I think I know where the issue is.