Texture issues (solved)

Anyone know whats going on here?

Sure. The bottom picture is taken first, then you flew further up the strip and took the second picture. What do I win?

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5pts to your sarcasm

Funniest comment today and 100 points.

Thanks for the laugh! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the points, fellas. Sarcasm aside, what is it that we should be looking at? And if we go off talking about Bing data, photogrammetry, and auto-generation, is that going to mean anything to you?

All those things affect the way the scenery looks and how realistic the buildings are. Especially photogrammetry – it looks great from a mile or so away, but up close, it causes the “melted” effect.

Can you explain what you think is wrong with it? It looks fantastic to me. No other flight sim has this level of detail.
You need to remember, this is a flight sim. No google street view or a visual world tour. It’s all about immersion not nitpicking on every blurry texture (*). Not sure about the US but in my country unless you’re law enforcement or have a special permission you wouldn’t even be allowed to fly this low above a city. From normal flight altitudes the cities look fantastic.

(*) There are other things I don’t like, which break immersion. Like building popping out in the distance, mountains changing shape as they load etc. But I can’t see anything wrong on the screenshots.

I guess im just expecting to much it does look good.

It’s the Las Vegas strip. It’s in the middle of the desert – a desert is a place with no trees, grass, or water. The only reason the strip has some is because of all the casinos wasting water!

Go on Google maps and search for Las Vegas Strip. Get into satellite view. You’ll see this is EXACLTY what the strip looks like in daytime. I’ve been there personally many times, and this is what it looks like.

Now nighttime? That’s a whole different ball of wax. Nighttime is when it comes to life.

Do me a favor and mark this thread as solved. There is no issues with the texture. The issue was you expecting too much – like more than what it looks like in real life, right?

Was more the textures on the buildings if you zoom in, but I agree otherwise.

yeh, it’s not GTA, the scenery is made to be viewed from a couple thousand feet up in the air, not zoomed in through a telescope :slight_smile:

Well dang it, what am I supposed to use my telescope for then :wink: