Texture Supersampling ? What is it?

So…I have searched the topic and didn’t find anything to give me an answer,except maybe that i don’t need it while using 4K resolution.
So,i run at 4k Ultra and high settings(meaning trees ultra,buildings and grass just high)
I have TAA on and lately it was my impression that the world seems a little grainy? So i turned supersampling at x6.
The thing is that i think it seems better or is it just my impression?
Can anyone say what that option really does in the sim ?

You can check out this thread [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (3/16/2021) Don’t see much of a difference with 4x vs 6x except a performance hit at big airports when AF is already @16x

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It supersamples the texture.


I still don’t get it.What does it do? It’s like TAA which fixes jacked edges or not ?

Supersampling basically upscales your image/texture to a higher resolution and then “samples” more pixel colors before downscaling the image/texture and presenting a average color of those sampled pixels.

Basically helping against jagged lines. :+1:
Requires more of your GPU though, but if you are rocking 4k resolution on ultra something tells me your GPU is pretty beefy.

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Aha.Very good explanation.Thank you sir.
I have an 6800xt Nitro Plus S.E so im good yes.
But,what about some people saying that it is not needed in 4k (supersampling i mean,besides TAA)

If you have it already at 4x and have 16x AF enabled no need to be going 6x of 8x on SS but your gpu being powerful just try it for yourself.

As of now,i have 4K 16x AF and 4xSS while having the 3d rendering slider at 80%
I really can’t tell much of a difference with my eyes.
So i will leave it as it is.
I am not an FPS hunter.If it is smooth(which it is) i am ok with it


That’s what I have mine to on 3440x1440 I don’t see a big of a difference going pass 4x.6x and 8x hits my gpu at big airports but I’m running an older slower gpu.

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