Textures For Custom Models

Hey all,

I am making my first airport, yay.

Anyways, Ive finished most things and begun to move the models into the game. When I add them I got an error like this:

Any solutions?

I think I might know what the issue is, there is no DDS or JSON files for the textures. If thats the issue than I have absolutely no clue how to fix it.

Are you using blender?
If so do you have the blender2msfs exported?

Yup, using blender and the exporter

Would it be possible to see a screenshot of the point where you do the export where you create the xml?

On the export screen in the geometry drop down is materials ticked.


Here It is.

Ive figured it out…

One of my textures wasn’t the right res.


More importantly, what’s the airport?! :slight_smile:

Awesome glad you found the reason.