TFFJ - Flying rocks on final


On long final at St Barth, the big rocks fly over the sea.

It’s the default Asobo scenery. Problem is present even with a vanilla community folder.
Settings on high with a RTX3070 (466.27).


Can confirm, good catch! TNCS suffered from the same issue not too long ago.

I have seen this when flying around Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. Vanilla sim as well - when I get away from it a bit, it seems to appear normally, back ‘down on the ground’.

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I recall some people reporting something similar with Uluru though the opposite, floating at a distance while looking normal up close (I could not reproduce that). Seems to be affecting custom 3D models on top of lower-quality mesh. I’ll check it out later.

I’ve just checked. Everything is ok at Uluru for me.

Hard to understand

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Very similar issue, though: in both cases, you see the terrain model under the floating object model. Looks to me that the center point of the object sits on the terrain model, but the terrain model LOD changes don’t sync up with the LOD of the object.

Anchoring the object to full 3D geographical coordinates (instead of lat, long and flooring it to terrain LOD) would solve the floating, but might clip a bit with the terrain model. I’d prefer that, though, over literally floating mountains.

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I cannot reproduce the issue at TFFJ right now. Can anyone else confirm it’s fixed on their end too?

I still have the issue at TFFJ


Thanks, I tried again and the rocks started floating after several minutes of staying in the same spot. Such a bizarre LOD issue.

I’m going over some bugs I’ve logged in the latest build, now that I’ve confirmed this again I’ll file a Zendesk report with my own screenshots and videos.

Issue still present can confirm.

This issue as been resolved as of sim update

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