Thank you Asobo and Aerosoft

I wanted to say thank you, thanks to Aerosoft with their CRJ I really start to appreciate MFS. The progress of ASOBO, despite the complaints, finally have a plane level study, even if some have plenty of things to say concrete and constructive! IRL pilots or other very knowledgeable too, I really finally get my kicks flying IFR. I still have a lot to learn to master this beast, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been playing xplane for a long time, I only liked the cold and dark phases at cruise level and the descent at the landing. in the middle I was always bored with my favorite planes the 737 767 or other Boeing in the simulation. But there, without auto throttle, it requires just for the cruise, a constant monitoring of the speed that varies according to the wind and for the final same, I lack control of engine power all flaps out to maintain a good speed, I find it really great. I can’t wait for the release of World update 4 :smiley: to have a little more scenery and surely with better maps, an improvement of AI BLACKSHARK, as well as the release of another plane, of PMDG for example or other of this level. Hey by the way I take advantage of this, in case you are deriving, I know that the appa of gain is tempting, but try to find a solution to stay in your box and not listen to all the complaints of the people, who complain about the planes of levels of study that they want planes to play, I do not know what solution you could have to satisfy everyone, but do not forget your small simmers of long date which accompanied you until here :slight_smile: .
Ajaccio approch and final


I just bought the CRJ this morning. I’ve never flown jets before, just GA. I’ve been studying all day and I think I know how to turn the tablet on now. :wink: So much fun.


Nice video :+1:

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I’m already tired of the crj. Wish there were more airliners added. I know everyone says it takes years but I’m getting tired of waiting. May move on to something else and come back after a few more months.

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