Thank you Asobo for upgrading the lights!

Well I always thought that the (night)lighting, the PAPI and runway lights were to blurry and the overall look was pretty bad.
So after SimUpdate 6 I have to say, the lighting looks good. Especially the runway lights and the PAPI lights on final approach are looking better than before! They are sharper and not so “big” and blurry anymore. I also like it, that the lights are looking “smaller” in the distance. It gives a really realistic feel.
Thank you!


I am using a triple monitor setup and have also been frustrated with the blurry lights on runways. I am so pleased that they now look normal!

The only thing that I notice with them now is when I am panning the camera the runway/taxi lights sort of flicker and some seems to turn off/on before setting after I have stopped panning.

Yes looks much better now accept for some Airports where the runway lights „flying“ over the ground

Screenshot was taken today at YPPH RWY 21

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Are you using an Add-on for this Airport? This causes some issues.

Nope - standard Airport in my case

Can’t reproduce. Have you checked again? Looking quite normal to me at the moment:

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Also unable to reproduce. Works fine for me with no issues.

Did you start in to the airport? In my case I was approaching the runway after a 4 h flight ( testing black screens on Xbox)

I will dry to start in directly to the runway to see if this is working

I had the floating lights bug at CYYZ as well. I also spawned under the ground and died. After reloading the flight I spawned proper but the lights were still floating.

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Lighting is better on Xbox but could improve, still getting some blocky lights from streets. Maybe if they dim lights down a bit more?

Maybe this is not just fore some Airports - as some could not reproduce it on the Airport and runway I reported.

It could be that happened for any reason from time to time doesn’t matter which airport :man_shrugging:

Yesterday I made a VFR night flight over lower Austria and I faced it at Bad Vöslau and Wiener Neustadt as well

( I am on Series S)

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