Thank you MS/Asobo ! literally

I have long been slamming the dev team in their two steps forward one step backward attitude and breaking things while fixing the others…

But this time around, after a long while, I really want to thank the MS / Asobo team to bring the sim into a both flyable and enjoyable state.

there are still minor issues as

  • toolbar arrow that won’t go
  • night lighting only immersive depending on render scale setting
  • terminal jetways on and off
  • downgraded clouds textures, but still saw a slight improvement with the latest WU
  • airliners hangar exterior view gone

however, in general, it’s pretty much where I want to see the sim

  • super smooth, almost no stutters with everything maxed out, including LOD set at 5 and above
  • render scale might well be set between 110 - 150 without a compromise except for impact on night lighting
  • photogrammetry is thus become ■■■■ enjoyable no more melted buildings or nuked down towns

Last but not the least addition of DX12 and Seasons soon will undoubtedly make the sim a veritable top notch player in the sim world.

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