Thanks Asobo, this turbulence is absolutely spot on!

Try it yourself then. I will if I get time…
Turbulence is off in clouds - at least its been for a long time. Many think the wind-gusts are turbulence. Its not. Turbulence should rock you around. I had wings level all the time. Stayed at exactly same altitude all the time.
Gusts only moves the plane around in the x-y-plane, without any roll or up-down-movement.
SU1+2+3+(4?) had good turbulence in clouds though.
I know they can tweak the weather serverwise, without us having to download anything.
If they have introduced turbulence I would be very happy :slight_smile:

Btw, from another thread:
“In MSFS you can fly in Hurricanes 90kts and more and handle it like a champ. They only added gust and thats it! What about what true simmers needs man? I literally was in the heart of Fiona enjoying the waves like it was a site seeing flight”

See posts 86+…