That useful command to turn your head

Having no VR or any fancy head tracking device I’m always in some trouble when approaching downwind to base and base to final turning in my VFR flights because of the runway alignment.
Turning the view 90° left or right is useful but often is quite overkill.
At the very beginning of MSFS 2020 I used to press my Joystick button 1 to have the camera aiming at the runway. After I play a lot with bindings I can’t find anymore the name of that command to bing it back to a suitable button.
Does anyone know the name of that command?
Thankyou in advance for the kind help!

What about ‘cockpit quickview 45° left’ and right?

You might want to set up and save custom camera angles.

The one button feature is called ‘smart camera’ I think, but I find that it doesn’t always line up with the runway I’m landing on.

I think the Smartcam will default to your airport if there are no other POI’s in range. Maybe try that and see if it works.

Smartcam has been hit-and-miss for me so it’s not the greatest camera mode, but this might be of some use to you.


Thank you that worked. If you map it with a toggle command you can use it only for very temporary moment and that’s all I need.

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