The 787 nosediving issue

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Since the latest update the 787 will always go into a nosedive just before landing. This happens at every airport and regardless in which configuration it is flown.
It seems that it has to do with the trim.
On my last two approaches, the second the nose dropped I started trimming full nose up continuously and to pull the stick all the way back. This prevented a crash. After a few seconds I got control back of the aircraft and was able to land it.

I have seen many people having the same issue.

Have any of you had similar experiences or maybe found a solution to avoid the nose-dive? At this moment in time the 787 is unflyable (like all the other airliners in the game)

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I’m having the same issues. Landing the plane is nearly impossible for me since the last patch and I’ve given up flying the 787 for now, which is sad, because it was really fun to fly the 787 before the patch. Never got along with the A320 and the 747, so this also means no airliners for me in the game. Seems we’ll have to wait a while for a fix as nothing was mentioned about it in the latest update infos.

The A320 is pretty OK for me, the 787 was allso usable before the Patch but now same problems as reported from other People, Nose diving at Landing and i cant take over most to latly because the AP wont let go the plane - stupid thing… :thinking:

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@SleepyDead123 Maybe try the modded A320 from NGX. With the latest version they also managed to correct the PFD going off and the Number1 engine shutting down (another side-effect from the last patch) :roll_eyes:

The AP does let go of the 787. It’s a different problem, but there’s an easy workaround until Asobo fixes the 787.

I’ll post a guide how to succesfully land the 787 with and without AP today :slight_smile:

(I’ve managed to upgrade my standard MSFS edition only yesterday in the evening, so I couldn’t test earlier)

I am curious to see the work around. Even with all the automatics switched off the 787 will always nosedive just before landing.
As for Asobo fixing the issue, according to their road map they haven’t even acknowledged the problem yet, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The problem is identical with the A320. The FBW system decreases the pitch up capability, the closer you get to alpha max.
This system works nicely with the AP (and without AP at 30ft and below) due to the much higher (more realistic) pitch authority and sensitivity.

With the AP off and above 30ft you have the ponderous pitch response and greatly reduced pitch authority/sensitivity.

This means that you completely loose the pitch up authority if you are flying the 787 even at a slightly higher speed, or more precisely lower pitch attitude than IRL. (~ -1.5°)

If you fly with manual thrust and decrease the approach speed even further, so that you fly with e.g. 0 to +0.5° nose up, and you disconnect the AP, the higher AP pitch authority is being lost and the 787 starts decreasing its pitch attitude.

@PZL104 I am no 787 pilot, but I fly the A320 series for a living. I am well aware of how the protection works, but none of them should cause the trim to run all the way forward so that even a full back deflection has no effect.
Even in the most extreme cases the Airbus would never get into a state like that.

The approaches in question are perfectly stable and fine. The speeds are correct and there is no shift in wind or weather. The plane just decides to nosedive, no reason given.

It is clearly a major bug of the sim, not a feature and makes the 787 unflyable.
Considering how much extra money some of us have paid to get the dreamliner I find it sad to see that Asobo hasn’t included this bug on the list of things to fix.



a) Don’t know what extreme cases you are talking about, but in the real A320, full aft stick at alpha max completely ignores any pitch up command.

b) Sure, that’s pretty obvious IMO.

The 787 goes into a -40 degree nosedive, sometimes even lower ( I have had -55 degrees ). That is not what happens when the automatics kick in. At least not on the Airbus and I can’t believe it would happen on the Boeings (MCAS issues aside for now).
That’s what I was referring to.

Just so I understand what you are saying. The solution is to fly the approach at a pitch greater than -1.5 but no more than +0.5 degrees?

With the present flight model you need a CRJ 100/200 pitch attitude for adequate pitch control…-3°.

OK, thanks.
I will try that.
A bit of a crazy approach, flying at - 3degrees, but then there isn’t much that isn’t crazy when it comes to the airliners in this game.

This is reminiscent of the issues that caused the 737max to crash and be ground… this sim is pretty realistic.

Had the exact same problem. Speed was solidly above the alpha max, stable approach, and all of the sudden maybe 100-200 feet up the airplane nosedived. Pulled back completely and held it - nothing happened. Finally when I was about 50 ft AGL it kicked it and I narrowly saved myself from a crash by about 5-10 feet and then proceeded to balloon back up and hover over the runway until slowly setting her down. What a mess.

Confirmed. The CRJ pitch attitude in the 787 takes away a lot of the immersion/realism.

I really hope Asobo fixes this problem with todays patch.

If not, we are out of luck since the premium aircraft are all ‘locked’.

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That happens at exactly 30ft. The amount of pitch response and authority below 30ft is what we should get above 30ft as well.

The present pitch response is noticeable too ponderous and pitch authority too weak. Identical problem with the A320 btw.

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You did better than I did then; I hit the tarmac in the 787 like a basketball after it nosedived leaving me wondering what just happened. Havn’t touched it since.

I really do hope it gets a good overhaul and update. The DRM means that it’s not going to get the NX type attention, so it’s in Asobo’s hands.

I have the same problem had to fly in at 170 knots to over come it

I can confirm I have the same issue!

Same experince, 787 not responding to pull back on stick just before landing… May be its the trim last used by autopilot.