The ability to install World Update and Marketplace content in a custom folder

I suggest making it possible to install the World Update content (hereinafter referred to as WU ) and content from the marketplace in any folder. For example, for those who install the game on a small SSD, but the scenery and content of the marketplace take up a lot of space. And if the scenery can be installed anywhere thanks to Addon Linker, then this will not work with marketplace content. Why not make it possible to choose a folder for installing marketplace content? After all, over time, there will be a lot of this content, and there may not be enough space. And it will be most convenient to transfer this to the hard disk, since the disk speed is not so important for the scenery and content of WU.

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Hi there,
Are you just looking for world updates or all add-ons? Right now, you can specify that add-ons (your fs-base and Community folder) go in a separate location. So that’s everything, not just world updates.

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I would like to be able to configure separately what to install in the community folder and what to install in another one. For example: planes in the community. Airports, WU, etc. to another disk.

So essentially, the contents of your fs-base (World updates and Marketplace purchases) in one location and your Community folder in a separate location?

Yes, that’s right. The community folder contains planes and other mods, and airports, scenery and World Update are in another place.

Okay, could we change the title and first post so that it’s not about just world updates, but about all official content (world updates, Marketplace purchases, etc)?

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