The Aerosoft CRJ isnt flyable since SU5

The workaround for the HUD works for me. Now to try to complete a successful flight.


Strange, because it was also moved from bugs to another section in forum. Is that also being done automatically?

Gotcha, I missed that. Only saw the notification. If that’s the case, @JoenssonSwe we need you to retract the hud solution so this stays open.

Yes, did that, but still doesnt explain why the topic was moved to another section of the forum at the same time as it was marked as completed.

Good point. Hopefully one of the mods will clarify for us.

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This was moved into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft because it’s all about a third party addon. The #bugs-and-issues category is only for core content. That’s just the policy on this forum. That doesn’t mean the team isn’t aware.

Since aerosoft and asobo have a more direct communication they are probably better aware than us users about what’s happening.

Because the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft category has no voting ability the votes were closed/removed. This triggers an automated system message named completed to let users know they got a vote back in their pool.

For further question send a PM to @moderators. We won’t discuss moderation in public


Thanks, then we know. The important thing is that the issues with the CRJ get fixed asap :slight_smile:
However this statement from the Aerosoft Developer from earlier today makes you wonder: Sim Update 5 Airspeed Indicator Issue - please read - General Discussion - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

While it may well be the case that this is an issue caused by underlying system code, the developers will be the ones who will work with Asobo to rectify the problem. As with all 3rd party add-ons bugs should be reported on their forums. Discussion about the bug is welcome on these forums in the 3rd party section. Lets hope it gets resolved soon


This is a very interesting statement indeed by the project manager at Aerosoft himself:


I am the project manager of this project and while I should be doing more fun things on a Saturday evening, I could not resist. Everybody in this project worked their behinds off to get it done and I get paid to stand in front of them to protect their interests.

The issue is NOT in the add-on but in the core content of the sim. Anybody who comes to the Aerosoft forums will find all the information and details. We were totally unable to prevent this and at this moment can only offer a very uncomfortable work around to solve it. As this forum does not allow PDF uploads, please download that from our forums. See here: Sim Update 5 Airspeed Indicator Issue - please read - General Discussion - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

As it is clear the issue is 100% due to core content, something Asobo will gladly admit, we kindly ask the voting on this topic to be restored and reopened. If needed I ask the moderators to ask Microsoft or Asobo for confirmation, I am sure they will confirm Aerosoft is unable to solve this issue.

We love this sim and know the people coding it love it as well. We have huge respect for them… But facts are facts. Moving a topic and closing voting about a sim core content is not correct when the issue is not in the add-on but in the core. If the issue was in the add-on it would be solved 36 hours ago.

The fact the rating of this product dropped from a high 4 to a low 2 has nothing to do with the product, but a lot with the sim.


Yikes! @Jummivana @OlieTsubasa443 Can we get some clarification on what’s up here?


Pinged the team but for now I will restore this to the Bugs and Issues section. Thanks all!


Voting has been reopened as it should have been. I hope it will be resolved soon. It’s been 4 days today and I haven’t been able to fly since the update. Aerosoft made continuous explanations to support this issue and answered every question. However, the solution here was simply to close the issue. I hope it will be resolved soon. Otherwise, it will turn into a bad stain for the simulator. No one trusts updates anymore. Personally, I don’t want to force updates anymore. The only flyable aircraft has now been rendered inoperable by Asobo without any explanation. And still no deadline. So sad…


The CRJ is a solid, quality add-on that I fly almost exclusively. It got 5 stars from me.

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I have been flying the CRJ for a while now and now I can’t fly it after SU5 I just crashed because the airspeed indicator was not working. This update has made the CRJ unflyable. The hud is stuck, and the airspeed doesn’t work.

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Thank you for re-opening @Jummivana and thank you to everyone commenting and voting so far! I really love MSFS as the sim plattform for the future, and the Aerosoft CRJ is so by far the best jet airliner for MSFS at the moment, so that is why I and many others in the community think it is important that these issues get resolved with priority asap. Thank you again!

Best regards Jan

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There are many more users than voted here. Unfortunately, not everyone uses forums. I hope it will be resolved soon and an explanation will be made.

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And to make it clear the SU5 not only messed up the CRJ but many other addons (aircraft/scenery) too.
Currently most devs are really upset.


Yepp. Can’t use the CRJ anymore.

Can’t click anything once some data is in the FMS. This is a core function issue by the sim.

Also, a320nx doesn’t work anymore correctly. Temperature issues at certain altitudes (the hotfix adressed it, but it’s not solved) + autopilot disables after 1 hour and the plane flies crazy…


Can we get an update from the team Jayne? Surely it would be nice to get some acknowledgment as per my thread… They surely cannot just be sat there ignoring the plethora of issues raised by both users and 3rd party developers by SU5…? I keep asking you this because I genuinely think it would probably stop a lot of unnecessary arguments and speculation that is clogging the forums. Let’s get a proper statement. Let’s get some reassurance for users and devs alike. Pleeeeease :grinning: