The best freeware addons and mods for MSFS

I know there’s a huge collection of free stuff already and it’s hard to keep track of everything. I found this list that has some good choices, but I wonder if there’s something really great that isn’t well known? Things like the A32NX and NeoFly everyone knows about, but what about lesser know addons?

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I’ve tried with success the mod for the XCub

The stuff by Working title is worth a try although most of it is alpha stage.

The liveries megapack is also a must have:

Bonanza Turbo V2:


Love the Bonanza Turbo! It’s made by the same dev that did the Turbine Duke, which I loved in FSX, it was my favorite aircraft. But with that mod the Bonanza is so smooth!

What?! One half of Realair?!

This is also a good list, more focused on tools: [REFERENCE] Compilation of the best companion apps to use alongside MSFS2020



I know the page recommends VFRMAP for live flight tracking, but nothing like - not just live tracking over google maps, but also flight data analysis and a really working logbook - became my master logbook.

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