The Best Night Flight So Far - Essex to Martha's Vineyard IFR

That was honestly about the best night-flight I’ve had so far, most frame rates in the low 40s to high 50s, with occasional drops into the high 20s because of terrain load and ATC calls. But overall, very smooth.

I love the pink sunset all around, and then the darkness grows ahead of me, but behind me is a brilliant sinking sun, and there was still enough AI Offline Traffic to make the world somewhat real and populated.

Passing Elizabeth Island just the darkness settles, with the CT coast underneath me, wow. Yes, the night lighting is still Tron-like, but it’s still absolutely neat to see the towns linked by roads, and somewhere up ahead, the next airfield with it’s beacon flashing.

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Nice, I did that flight during the Alphas. Views are astounding. JFK Jr’s final flight. Epic.

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Heh, I was wondering how many people would know this flight plan. :sunglasses: Makes me wonder if he would have made it had synthetic vision existed then.

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Yes the lights at dawn and dusk are amazing. I enjoyed a sunset between 2 cloud layers a few days ago, I should have taken screenshots.

Looking Cool I’m in Australia flying around