The best weather effects I have ever seen

The graphics quality is beyond amazing.


Very nice Pictures :wink: Amazing :open_mouth:

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Most of the time I use my special NASA test-plane for storm chasing, but this time the Cessna was caught in some severe weather and had to start before the weather became to extreme.

What settings were your clouds…Ultra or High?

Everything is on ultra and rendering distances are maxed out to 200% with more trees and higher tree distance mod, and some weather enhancements.

Is this live weather? What weather enhancements?

A few weather presets packs for some more variety when choosing the weather.

No it is not live weather, most of the time in casual flights when testing new planes or liveries I choose some medium overcast settings for the best flying and visual experience with no winds or clouds blocking all view.
But sometimes I make my storm chasing flights and for these flights I need the best thunderstorms, blizzards, altocumulus castellanus up to 20.000 feet and other weather settings.


Do yourself a favor and get the below mod, and stop ruining those potential desktop screenshots :slight_smile: The Visuals of this Flight simulator are what make it hands down the best to date.
Even the screenshots though don’t really compare to what I see when running the sim.

Thank you for the shout out. I’m glad you are enjoying them. :grin: