The "Big" announcement revealed - Flight Sim Association

So I guess that hubbub about the “big” announcement was spending $30 for a few discounts? I just don’t buy enough addons to make it worth that at all. I can see the appeal for people just now getting into simming, but maybe I’m missing something?

Anyone else thinking about buying a subscription?

For those who are curious - Flight Simulation Association (


I imagine those guys who thought that LM and LR are banding together against big bad Asobo are pretty disappointed right now.


That’d have been funny. Instead of competing against Microsoft with 1% of its resources each, they’d have been able to compete against Microsoft with 2% of its resources. :joy:

MSFS brought many newbies into the market, so people have fund a new way to extract some cash from them :joy:


That’s the impression I get. Or if someone is buying addons left and right. You’d have to in order to make your $30 back when getting 10% discounts on $20 scenery items. All I would be interested in is the discounts myself, MAYBE the guides would be alright if I was new to the scene. But there’s already so many other free sources and YouTube channels.


For as much hype as there was for this… it’s certainly… small.


Well, this is certainly reinforces my opinion that LM and LR have a knack for finding new and amazing ways to keep their heads buried so far below sea level…

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Then the bad news comes, Microsoft put resource less than 1% into this…

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Sure mate. They have a large development team on the sim, and both Microsoft and Asobo are hiring, plus the subcontracting of add-on devs. They’re using more resources in this than any other simulator combined, multiplied by ten.


Teams of modders out there too. I can’t believe so many people are working on the FBW and other freeware stuff alone. I bet those folks outnumber the folks at PMDG, etc…

Then that’s really encouraging. I am almost losing hope to this sim. Cheers again now and ready to watch the sim evolves.

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It does look like a desperate attempt to cut some wool off the newbie sim sheep. Remarkably, MS/Asobo is not on the list of the sponsors :).

This whole thing reeks of “waste of money”.


You’re very welcome :smiley:

OMG! I looked at it!

Not gonna lie, your announcement was definitely bigger for me.

For the software, maybe. But if you were looking to buy some hardware, you could save a lot of money.


Curious. Why do you say this? That website is selling MSFS 2020 addons as well, and giving discounts for them.

As there is a 30 day free trial it makes sense for a Newbie to:-

  1. research if their computer is up to the task and if not to price updating it (good luck getting a new GPU)

  2. watch a selection of available free video tutorials on ground handling, handling in the air, circuits and basic navigation

  3. obtain a flight stick (good luck with that)

  4. buy the Standard version of MSFS

  5. practice airbourne handling and circuits

  6. then try the FSA for up to thirty days

If it works for you fine if not cancel membership.

Newbie wins either way

All this can be found by studying from Google. Someone(s) are just after your money!