The broken 225/03 wind discussion thread [Extremely Concerning]

so i somehow managed to get live weather completely broken. Not sure how yet. I had EU live weather. Restarted the sim and no matter where i go it doesn’t work.

I also don’t see any weather requests being made using fiddler tho i do see telemetry events reporting my own weather back to MS. That would mean they at least have the data from everyone complaining (and those who do not actually) and it should show the deviation from the real weather

Gonna restart and see if i can get things back to real weather in the EU

By now I got live weather - including wind != 225/03 - in Europe, India (Mumbai to Goa) and South Africa.

South america ( at least lower part of mexico) is working as well, but Australia is not. I can’t see how this data is collected in the first place tho :frowning:

The Votes system is now active on the forums, for anyone experiencing these issues, suggest you make your way to the Bugs & Issues forum and upvote the issues you are seeing.


Perhaps Flightbeam or another reputable developer is going to add NZAA for free :interrobang:

Until then this remains a MAJOR blunder.

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I had it working when I flew into cancun yesterday. The switch was about midway across the gulf. I’m thinking about firing littlenavmap up and trying to map the crossover points around the US.


I was wondering why I was selecting runways based off world map winds only to find the windsock going in the other direction once the flight loaded.

yup. seems there is some invisible line here. But mapping them with a few locations didn’t suggest any pattern yet

Just for reference so I dont go aimlessly hunting. How far down into mexico did you get before it switched?

My other post in the link has the whole procedure I used. It went from working to not working at 93 DME miles northwest of ZIH VOR on the 292 degree radial (Airway V1) at 8000 feet. When I turned around and backtracked, it started working again at the very same point. Duplicated on 4 separate flights on different days.

If you guys want a northern border, check up around Umiat ,Alaska along the coast there…i believe I recall about a month ago I was there and the wind was correct. Can someone else confirm? Side note: I’ll never trust a breeze from the South West ever again.

Unfortunately, it appears I’m going to be railroaded by little nav map not working. Aka I don’t know how to get it working right.

Would LOVE for someone to give us a rough map of where live weather is that would be super awesome

In a world where companies answer support with Chat bots and through Twitter handles, it does seem like MSFT skimmed a lot on support. So much that they can’t even update the “Known Issues” list. I would bet my entire bank account that someone that works on this game (and getting paid for it) in any fashion has come across the weather bug. Or they know and reported it internally, but no one really wants to expose 50 items in the known issues list.

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I encourage everyone in this thread to upvote the 225/03 thread over in the new bugs section.


I’m currently tracking it up through the bahamas. its pretty much a hard line. Turn right when its 03. Turn left when its 11


have you looked at the little navmap guide in the guides section on the forums? works fine for me

Yea. All is well now. For whatever reason, when I found the guide none of the drop downs would work. Someone linked it to me and it worked.

I see they’ve updated the Known Issues in the News section of the forum… I also notice that the weather issues still haven’t made it into this list…

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Noticed that as well, very disappointing.

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