The broken 225/03 wind discussion thread [Extremely Concerning]

This is unacceptable. Functioning wind is still broken for most of the planet, They have updated their known issue list, and still absolutely no mention of the fact that live wind is not working for the majority of the planet.

At this point, I believe that they fully know the answer, and are afraid of our reaction to whatever that may be. This is a core simulation feature that is broken/incomplete on launch. I would not have purchased the sim if I knew that this feature would be broken and no acknowledgement from the developers.


What if it is just because they are not getting consistent weather/wind data from their partner organisation, MeteoBlue, and don’t want to “offer them up to the dogs”?

Maybe not, but there’s always a reason for such things and some of those won’t be for public consumption.


Well, The underlying issue isn’t super important to the users.

But what does need to be available for public consumption is the product that we were advertised. Not a broken mess with several core advertised features broken.


To be fair, there are a ton of known and reproducible issues that aren’t on their “known issues list” yet. Not saying that that’s right, just making the point that it’s probably nothing specific to this bug or “being afraid of our reaction” or whatever.

Just will have to see how they roll things up for their first update.


In complete agreement here. This ABSOLUTELY should have been fixed before the launch of the game. Every single time I fire up the sim I am left disappointed by how dead the atmosphere feels despite how nice it looks. The fact that they couldn’t even match FS2004 functionality here is unacceptable.


I wonder how all the people that work on such a huge long project pay their bills ? I mean where do they get the money to Develop anything for years and years and year…

I mean back in the day the amount of lines of code was nothing compared to what they have to do now


Measuring programming progress by the number of lines of code. Is like measuring aircraft construction by weight. Completely useless.


FS2004 had live weather data for anywhere in the world? Wow, my memory must already be failing me then. :roll_eyes:

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I don’t know if it worked literally everywhere in the world, but it worked most places! Considerably better than what we have now.


AFAIK yes, it had global coverage live weather data, as long as there was a weather station to pull data from.


This may not be an issue on their side.

Also, they likely wouldn’t update “known issues” without having a decently clear idea of an underlying cause. I’m sure they know of this issue and are working on identifying the source of the issue

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I’d be more on board with that if I couldnt google meteoblue’s website and immediately see winds aloft values that agree with every other site out there. Either they arent getting the information and have never realized it or corrected it, which is entirely possible given certain statements, or they have an issue on their side getting it to show for the end user.


Again with the ordering people about and whining about them being whiners. What is it with you BF999? This is a public forum, not your personal property. If YOU don’t like reading peoples complaints, then why don’t you go get an XBOX as you tell others to do? Most people who have a grievance want help fixing it, not someone trying to tell them they are not worthy enough to own the sim. Putting LOL on the end doesn’t make you look less dickish.

Personally, I thought the weather was working fine. I flew in the gales here in the South of the UK the other day, and the weather was pretty accurate to what I could see out of the window, and the cloud coverage even matched what the weather radar online was showing. All good I thought, even if the wind did not seem as quite as gusty as it was IRL, I was still being buffeted about quite a bit.

However… This evening, I thought I would have a look at the HUGE storm that is battering the US at the moment. It shows up on the Globe as clear as day, so I set a flight up near the middle, in the vicinity of Memphis. What did I find but 100% clear skies and zero wind. So those that are flying in the US have a point.

Nuff said.


I’ve posted on another thread that’s 300 posts long now.

The weather engine is completely broken. I just loaded up at KMEM - There’s very light rain and it’s visibly overcast — So the weather is obviously being downloaded — but winds were still 225/01.

I’ve also been noticing reports (and noticed it myself) that setting your own custom winds have zero affect on the aircraft. The weather engine as it stands is totally broken. I’ve already said on the other thread that it’s appalling that there is being no acknowledgement whatsoever into this issue.

Someone claimed a patch was coming out and the senior staff on this forum were very very quick to jump in and say that wasn’t the case, I’ve tweeted MSFS_Support and raised tickets about this and received nothing but silence.

Even something as simple as a “Yes we know, we’re working on it” would go a long way… but apparently everything is all Sunshine and clear skies.

Edit: Please continue to raise Support tickets, everyone! I don’t know if it’ll make a difference at all at this point but surely if they get flooded with them on this issue - They’ll start paying attention.


Well that’s true isn’t it? At least in the USofA. :slight_smile:

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I know right? It seems only Europe is favored by meteoblue as the weather displays near accurate depiction as well as winds aloft but everywhere else is 225/03


Meteoblue is perfectly capable of showing accurate wind values above the surface in the US/outside europe. Why MS/Asobo cant seem to figure out how to get that into their game is beyond me.


Hey thanks for showing this to me. In that case I don’t get it either, I wonder if something is blocking the info from entering into our system or the sim

Yes, it is odd, especially when the IN-Game globe shows the weather patterns correctly, at least to my untrained eye. I’m sure it’s going to get fixed though. Perhaps it’s a Party political issue in the US to deny that storms exist? :wink:


I will also point out that I loaded up at NZWN — The map showed 300°/30kts for winds.

Loading into the sim? 225/01 METAR said something like 100/15kts, which I do understand there’s a bit of a disconnect between METEOBlue and METAR reports - But I’m just reinstating that I can see there’s a definite communication issue with the information the Application is receiving and parsing, to what’s actually being injected into the live simulation.