The Bush Divers Invitational: New Guinea

This event is now over, thanks all who attended and congrats to Darshonaut and Langwah for winning the 25 Euro SimMarket Vouchers. We hope to see you all at the next event!

For those who missed it, you can still take part solo by getting the Bush Divers Invitational: New Guinea MSFS Bush Trip here: The Bush Divers Invitational: New Guinea (Bush Trip) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Bush Divers would like to invite all to participate in this week’s Bush Divers Invitational: New Guinea.

We are going back to our roots! Bush Divers began as a bush flying virtual airline (VA) in New Guinea. This island paradise offers challenging weather, a rugged jungle landscape, and tons of action. New Guinea offers so much potential for piloting adventures that there is no doubt that this will not be the last Invitational on this island!

Server: US-East

Special considerations:

-WAJO offers ramp parking, please start cold and dark on one of the ramp parking spots.

-Live Weather is almost never good in New Guinea, so use it only if you dare! Partly Cloudy or Scattered Clouds are the recommended presets. Local time will be 0900.

-Those interested in participating in voice comms can join us in the MSFS Discord Event Voice Channel (will be named Bush Divers Invitational: New Guinea).

-You are free to bring the plane of your choosing, from Cubs to Caravans. Most airstrips along the way are rather short so take that into consideration.

-We would appreciate your patience during this fly-in. The 1900 UTC start time will not be a hard constraint, we may hold at departure for up to 5 minutes. Our goal is not to leave anyone too far behind. So take it easy, get you a drink, and enjoy the trip!

We hope you can make it!
For more Bush Divers stuff, check out our Discord .

Additional files:
LNMFLP - VFR Oksibil (WAJO) to Olsobip Airport (OLQ).lnmpln (5.9 KB)
MSFS FLP-VFR Oksibil (WAJO) to Olsobip Airport (OLQ).pln (7.4 KB)


all right, I plan to be a part of it this time. With a Cub I can manage and not having to land at Lukla is also a relief :wink:

The Sim is also running reasonably well by now, should be fine.

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