The Bush Divers Invitational: Pennsylvania

Bush Divers would like to invite all to participate in this week’s Bush Divers Invitational: Pennsylvania

This week the Bush Divers are in the States! We will be flying along the through Northern Appalachia starting at State College, Pennsylvania. We’ll be crossing ridges, skimming the waters of Raystown Lake and ending with an aerial tour of the Steel City, Pittsburgh. Special commentary will be provided by area native, Voxhumbug.

This week’s giveaway is a lifetime license to the GTN750 system, kindly provided by PMS50!


Server: US-East

Special considerations:

-Bring the piston aircraft of your choice. We recommend an XCub or a Cessna 172 and any of it’s STOL variants:

-09PA offers only one ramp parking spot, but there is plenty of grass to loiter on while we prepare for take-off.

-Live Weather may be hit or miss this weekend, we will make weather recommendations prior to take-off. Local time will be 0900.

-Those interested in participating in voice comms can join us in the Bush Divers Discord event voice comms channel.

-We would appreciate your patience during this fly-in. The 1900 UTC start time will not be a hard constraint, we may hold at departure for up to 5 minutes. Our goal is not to leave anyone too far behind. So take it easy, get you a drink, and enjoy the trip!

We hope you can make it!
For more Bush Divers stuff, check out our Discord .

Additional files:
MSFS Flight Plan: VFR_Eagle_Field_09PA_to_Allegheny_County_KAGC.pln (7.3 KB)
LittleNavMap Flight Plan: VFR_Eagle_Field_09PA_to_Allegheny_County_KAGC.lnmpln (5.8 KB)

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LOL, I just got it last week and subscribed to navigraph, its all I use now. Excellant product :slight_smile:

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