"The Community Cares and They Care Hard"

I just watched today’s Q&A, and I am blown out of the water by the scale of the work being done on this sim. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the aftermath of the previous patches, so I didn’t expect to hear a lot of good news today, but these folks are doing a lot, and they’re responding to the community too.

Study-level jets: They want to keep that space for 3rd party developers so Asobo doesn’t cut into their earning potential. 5 stars on that! The downside is we have to wait or use mods, but it’ll be worth it in the future.

Seasons: Complicated and lots of options, so it will take time to decide how to implement them. They are actively working on it though. Same with atmospherics and improving WX even further.

VR: Closed beta coming soon.

LOD: They have a plan.

Garmin: They decided to work on it in-house instead of waiting for 3rd party devs. The hope is to let devs focus on aircraft instead- great idea.

Night Lighting: Improvements on textures and lights coming.

Porpoising/Autopilot problems: Hard to pinpoint and reproduce, but they’re trying. They need bug reports through Zendesk.

Airports: 40 people working on airports? Wow. Partnership with ORBX- awesome. They’re busy.

That’s just some of the stuff they’ve touched on today. I have a feeling this sim will look spectacular in the not-too-distant future. I just hope they fix aircraft bugs sooner rather than later so we can enjoy what we have until then:-)

Report bugs to Zendesk- yeah it’s tedious, but that’s the best place. They also mentioned using this forum because they read it regularly.

Happy Flying Everyone!